Jeannie Young, HADA’s project officer had gone to the trouble of summarising some of the most interesting developments in our Projects over recent days. Take a few minutes to catch up and enjoy what’s happening around the world.


Medical Training in Africa and Asia AFR-010

An excellent report was received from Drs Judith, Hannah, Barbara and John on their operations and training sessions for doctors in Uganda and Myanmar. In Uganda alone, they operated on 80 ladies with others receiving the alternate treatment. All up $73,500 has been used to provide care, operations, training and equipment in the past few months.

Dr Judith Goh will be carrying the Queen’s Baton for the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday, 4th April from 25 Rankin Pde to 9 Rankin Parade, Main Beach at 10.30am.

Mobile Drop-in Centre MNG-018 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

It was very good to read Corrie’s report and to hear of new local staff appointments, as well as the detailed plans she has for coming months. Great to read that there will be a visiting team of people who train/are involved in similar projects in The Netherlands.

I appreciated receiving photos of the team – Corrie, three men and the lady who is a social worker and psychologist. Encouraging to see photos of the bus and its interior and wonderful that HADA has played a small part in assisting the team to reach out and help the homeless – particularly in the winter months with temperatures down as low as -45C.

The following three projects are having financial difficulties…

  • Family Development Program MNG-010 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia are offering many more opportunities for the children as well as families, men and women and offering training with a view to gaining employment. From their report, they appeared to be desperately short of funding but having asked more questions it seems that the amount they need is for the year and not just the quarter.
  • Elio Day Care Centre MNG-020 in Uvs, far west Mongolia has been running for many years and only resubmitted their project late last year. They used to receive funding from Switzerland and I am not sure where they are seeking funds from at the present time. This is where Ernesto and SoonIm lived until Ernesto was advised of his cancer.
  • GNS Pre School in Tria KHM-013 in Cambodia. Managers Will and Julie are endeavouring to raise some funds from parents and others in the community but it is a very poor area and their income falls far short of what is needed, particularly as the teachers were given a pay rise recently.

Hope of Tomorrow CHN-013 in China

For a second time, there have been problems at the bank when Daniel, the manager, has gone to withdraw funds for the project. They are now insisting that he has to fill out lots of paperwork and explain who HADA is and why he is receiving funds from them. Twice now the funds have been returned to Australia and we have had to find a different way of sending the monies in. Because Daniel and Irene are Korean, and not locals, it is impossible for them to set up a legal structure for the work they are doing with the blind. It seems that without the legal structure funds cannot be sent in as they had been over an extended period of time.

My Father’s House ZAF-010 in South Africa

Each time we receive a report from Jan, the manager who lives in Worcester, South Africa, we are reminded of the extremely dangerous situation she is working in with gang wars, shootings and murders. It is really exciting to see how Marco and his wife, Rens, are reaching out into their community and trying to bring reconciliation between the various gangs. The counselling training Jan and the others are doing will be of great benefit and also involve other members of the community. Their first classroom is being built in the south and will be transported up to their block in coming weeks.

No Plain Sailing!

As you can see it’s not all plain sailing so continue backing these projects and others you are interested in as much as you can. Thank you for your interest and donations.