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Medical Training In Africa and Asia AFR-500

The medical team headed by Professor Judith Goh have trained doctors and nurses in the management of obstetric fistula, pelvic organ dysfunction, cervical cancer screening and obstetric vacuum extraction.

Utero-vaginal prolapse is a common problem in Australia and Africa. However, in Africa, the women are also socially isolated and often ostracized from family, in particular, their husbands. With donations to Medical Training via HADA, they were able to raise funds to continue to treat these women. As a woman in rural Africa usually earns less than a dollar a day, the cost of surgery is beyond her means. Each time they visit Uganda for example, they do up to 40 prolapse surgeries and 70 fistula cases.

They have visited the Democratic Republic of Congo twice, far western Uganda multiple times and twice to Ghana and several places in Asia.

Mongolia – Caring for the Homeless, Sergelt Ood MNG-500

First aid for frost bite and sores
First aid for frost bite and sores

“Rescuing addicted and homeless people in Ulaanbataar”

Sergelt Ood is working to:



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