What is “ethos” all about, and why is it important?

Ethos or Foundations

Ethos or Foundations

For us in HADA it’s extremely important because it affects the way we relate to people and the way we handle our work. Perhaps we could define it as, “the distinctive character, spirit, and attitudes of those involved in HADA.” While not wanting to go into a long discussion about what characteristics we value, here are just three that we consider to be important for us to serve others, encourage their development and inspire in them hope for the future.


We are determined to be people of reputable character, believing that maintaining the highest level of integrity, both personally and publicly is essential in all matters of morals and finance.


We are convinced of the importance of developing a high level of cooperation with one another.  In order to achieve and maintain this, our relationships must be undergirded with humility and respect.  All board member’s opinions and insights are equally considered, and in our decision-making we make every effort to obtain unanimity.


Achieving our goals can be costly for those who are at the forefront of our activities. Project managers, those involved with them and even board members will likely have demands on their time, energies and personal comfort.  Even though they are aware of this cost, each one is willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve the desired outcomes of our projects.

As we seek to demonstrate these qualities we look forward to sharing them with you and the people our projects touch.  Meet our Founder, Mr Neil Young.