Orphanages Under Construction

In co-operation with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Social Welfare and Gender Services department, the Orthodox Mission of Sierra Leone in Partnership with PK4A Developments are building a series of Orphanages in Freetown and Waterloo to help save some of these forgotten children.

Unfortunately, massive catastrophic flooding has hit the country and slowed us down.


The Orphanage at Waterloo (See images) currently consists of 3 buildings, with the possibility of four depending on the space remaining after the three are completed. Each building resembles a “Duplex House” and each Duplex House houses a minimum of 16 Orphans along with 2 House Mothers trained in Teaching or Nursing.

The first building is part of what we classify as Stage 1, and even as we speak this stage is near completion with the internals being fitted.

The Waterloo Orphanage will cater for Children from 7 to 17. The facilities include the completed School, the near completed School Extension, the near completed multi-purpose Dining Hall, Church and the near completed Teachers/Visitors accommodation.

Tower Hill

The Orphanage at Tower Hill is a 3 story complex catering for six-month to 6 year old Orphans. The building will consist of ground floor Pre School, first floor Living Area & Quarters and the 2nd Floor (top floor) offices. At Tower Hill the facilities include a Chapel and Teacher’s College where student teachers in early childhood studies will have experience as teachers aids to the carers and teachers of the Orphanage. Also on the campus are teachers’ and visitors’ residences.

The whole of this building is classified as Stage 1, and this stage is nearing completion with the roof of the buildings being constructed as we speak. The rains, however, have slowed us down.

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