Ebola’s Comeback

Ebola - The Most Vulnerable

Ebola Still Threatening Lives

Since our last report the Ebola virus has again caused fear and confusion by making a small but damaging comeback in some areas including our area of Waterloo. Because of this resurgence the building program has been suspended and we have placed the Waterloo compound in self-quarantine for the safety of the children and members. Our Ebola orphans now receive full support with food, education and clothing.

Life x Buildings

Although the construction has slowed to a near standstill, we felt it our duty to continue paying our laborers and workers their monthly salaries and feed and care for them. Not to do this was to sentence these peoples to starvation and into the streets with the high risk of Ebola contamination. We are virtually 21 months behind schedule with the building due to Ebola and the floods, however we have been able to constantly supply food, medicine, clothing and help concerning Ebola and Ebola orphans.

Hope for the Future

Once we get over this phase and the buildings are completed the local population will benefit greatly from the school extension and the amputee clinic. They can see that the project will help their children receive an education that otherwise they would not get. The disabled of the local community understand that they will be the first to benefit from the amputee clinic before we open to the wider community, and that gives them great hope.

To get a better idea of what our situation was like see the accompanying video.  You too can help this unbelievably needy people by donating with the buttons below.