Summer at the Elio Kindergarten

Winter at the Elio Kindergarten







Our Vision

Is to provide assistance for the children in Ulaangom city and give them an opportunity to learn and develop.

Our Motto

Reaching Children, Changing Lives


Niishgee is a 9 years old girl that came from the countryside to Ulaangom (capital city of the UVS province). She came to the city without knowing how to read, was accepted at our Elio Kindergarten and is going really well. We believe that by September, she will be able to go to school. She is one of the five children that don’t have proper winter clothes and coming to our Kindergarten at minus 25C is a challenge for them.

Even though winter is overwhelmingly cold, still the temperatures can drop fast and suddenly.


Children often lack Clothing

Children love to come to the kindergarten but without the proper clothing, it is difficult to come. At the moment we have 5 children that don’t have thermal underwear, winter shoes or jackets.

We have 39 children coming to our Kindergarten and the vision is to add to this project other programs that will bring the families together and help the community to create change.

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