Some sleep, others work

Sierra Leone - Tower Hill Excavations

24-hour Excavations to Beat the Rains

Freetown, Sierra Leone, 4:00am, darkness, people sleeping.  “Tower Hill” compound, however,  is flooded with light and buzzing with activity as the building team  works desperately to prepare the site for the construction of the new St James Orthodox Children’s Orphange before the rainy season sets in.

Sierra Leone - Tower Hill orphanage designs

Projected Orphanage Building for Ebola Orphans

Its two branches in Freetown are designed for young and older children who have no parents; tragic reminders that the Ebola outbreak has left thousands of orphans in its wake . While many people are dead, Ebola isn’t and it continues to raise its ugly head periodically, reminding us to be vigilant.

Time is Short

But the great need to house these children  urges us on and the Mission is working day and night to avoid the coming rain and to start the actual buildings, particularly at our Tower Hill site.   The name reflects the difficulty of the multi-levelled, steep site as we seek to scratch out areas of level ground for building the dormitory, dining hall, school and playground.

That’s why we are now involved in a furious, almost twenty-four hour cycle of tractor excavation work, rapid transportation of soil from the compound by the regular rotation of several trucks at night (to avoid traffic) and the breaking of large loose boulders into pebbles.

We Mustn’t Stop

Sierra Leone - Rev Themi and Ebola Orphans

Pr Themi and Ebola Orphans

If we can at least lay the foundations of the dormitory and dining hall before the heavy and incessant rains come, then we will be able to continue building uninterruptedly even when they arrive.  Fortunately the terrain on our Waterloo compound, the site of the other branch of the orphanage, is very flat so rain isn’t really a problem.

Your donations, whatever their value, are invaluable to our meeting the needs of these orphaned children.  Thank you so much.