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Cambodia’s millennia-old past is replete with outstanding people; from the ambitious 12th century kings with their grandiose building projects to the modest rice farmers who have formed the backbone of society for centuries.

This nation has known what it’s like to have control over entire regions of the earth and to raise up structures that maintain their magnificence to this day. However, they have also experienced the humiliation of almost total obliteration at the hands of conquerors and tyrants.

A Resilient People

The gentle but rock-solid Khmer people comprise the ethnic majority of Cambodia. The past century was one of tumultuous change, going from a French Protectorate to Independence, followed by the violence and horrors of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

Partnering together with the international community, Cambodians are slowly and steadily rebuilding their society.

Bridge of Hope works with families of Siem Reap, Cambodia, to help rescue children who are at risk of being exploited or sold into slavery. After two decades of war, the subsequent aftermath, and some 20% of the population living below the poverty line the mindset of many Cambodian people is one of utter hopelessness devoid of the slightest possibility that their situation might change for the better.

The Victims – The Children

Such conditions have contributed to the increase of the exploitation of innocent children – many under the age of twelve. At best they have been pulled out of school to earn money for their families and in the worst cases, sold into heavy child labour and slavery. Brick

factories, commercial rubber plantations, salt production, hard domestic work, prostitution, pornography, begging and scrap collecting are no place for Children.

Bridge of Hope strives to prevent and reverse the exploitation of these precious children by working with at-risk families to:

  • Provide them with HOPE for the future by changing their perception of themselves as victims and showing them they can do something to make a difference to their own lives and destiny.
  • Work with them to create action plans to improve their economic situation without exploiting their children. In some cases micro loans are provided to give them a step up into their own business or training.
  • Some parents have created a financial support group where they put money into a common fund. Every month one family can borrow the collected money. It allows them to have funds to open or improve a small business, to generate an income and to support their family, as well as to not be so dependent on our organization anymore.
  • Encourage them regarding the importance of education for their children.
  • Provide catch-up classes for children who have been taken out of, or never attended school.
  • Help children without any legal papers to get access to government schools.

Bridge of Hope also seeks to rescue children who are already being abused and exploited in order to bring them into a safe environment where they can continue their education and be given a hope for the future.

Encouraging Reports

Every report we receive from our managers on the ground is full of stories of lives being changed, but there is always so much more that can be done!

We depend on the faithful support of generous donors like you to continue to bring hope, love and a bright future to these beautiful children.

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