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Opening State School Doors for the Poor


Millennial Story

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Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

Cambodia’s millennia-old past is replete with outstanding people; from the ambitious 12th century kings with their grandiose building projects to the modest rice farmers who have formed the backbone of society for centuries.

This nation has known what it’s like to have control over entire regions of the earth and to raise up structures that maintain their magnificence to this day. However, they have also experienced the humiliation of almost total obliteration at the hands of conquerors and tyrants.

A Resilient People

The gentle but rock-solid Khmer people comprise the ethnic majority of Cambodia. The past century was one of tumultuous change, going from a French Protectorate to Independence, followed by the violence and horrors of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

Partnering together with the international community, Cambodians are slowly and steadily rebuilding their society.

Good Neighbours Preschool serves families in Tria (located between Phnom Penh and Takeo Province Town in Cambodia) where 29% of households are below the consumption poverty line and fall into the poorest two categories in the nation.

These families struggle to provide even basic food and medical care and many cannot afford to send their children to preschool despite the significant benefits of preschool attendance which equips children intellectually and socially for the rest of their schooling years.

When children are well prepared for school they cope better and their enjoyment increases giving them a positive perception of education and schooling in general, which is reflected in the many studies showing that attendance at preschool greatly reduces the likelihood of that child dropping out of school prematurely.

Good Neighbours Preschool operates to make preschool education available for as many children as possible with those families who can afford it paying a small fee each month while those who don’t have the money are given the opportunity to pay in other ways such as helping with the set-up, cleaning & maintenance of the school. The teachers extend their care to the families by regularly attending home visits.

Great Teachers

We are blessed with the quality of our two teachers who were recently asked by the Head of Preschool Education to lead a training workshop for other teachers in the area, reflecting the high standard of education they are providing.

Thanks to success of the program and generosity of donors we are excited to be expanding to a second classroom and the procurement of an additional two teachers so we can reach out to more children in need. We have also been able to commence work on a new fencing project to protect children from the adjoining dam.

The Challenge of “more”!

As always though there is a constant need for more – due to the success of the current project and support of local government we would love to plant new preschools in the surrounding areas, which can only be achieved with the financial aid of caring people like yourself.

You can make a difference in these beautiful children’s lives! – not just for the present but to set them up for a brighter future through their years of schooling and far beyond.

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