FDP - Family invites

Contacting New Families for the Project

FDP - Working with Parents

Teacher and families working together

Improving Quality of Life for Families

Many efforts have been made by the Family Development Project (FDP) to improve the lives of 15 families in Ulaanbaatar:

In April FDP visited families in difficult living situations and invited them to the project.

From 10th April to 10th May 2016 FDP worked in school No.72 with the teachers and the families of 16 children who have difficulties in school, giving them professional advice.

The value of sowing and cleanliness

FDP has been teaching families how to grow vegetables, and providing free seeds for them. Many families started flower gardens, and now they have been invited to take a part in cleaning the streets and surroundings together.

In May a Sports day was organized for all families to encourage parents to enjoy family time.

FDP - Mothers ponder education

Thinking through educational challenge

FDP - Cooking improves quality of life

Food and Cooking – essential and exciting

Work, education, cooking and camps

Hairdressing training has been organized for five mothers to help them to start working. Also, the mothers have been thinking through the value and importance of their children’s education, and the fathers about their tasks and responsibilities as fathers.

Once a week FDP provides lessons in cooking, handcrafts and family values to the parents of disabled children.

A Camp for 7-8 families will be organized twice per year, and during the camp seminars directed at the individual needs of each family member will be orgainzed.

Developing families is a “work in progress” but the results are life changing and on-going. Let’s do all we can to back this great project by donating with one of the buttons below.