Mother saves Children

Mother and Children

“The only reason I am alive today are the faces of these innocent children and immense concern and support from your organization,” says the mum.

The destructive flood followed by continuous heavy rainfall during the days 10-13 August 2017, washed away every smile, laughter and sign of happiness from the faces of people of Chitwan, Narayani, leaving fear and grievance. Many lost their lives, many were severely injured  and many fled with nowhere to take shelter in and no one to call family. Every face bore the dark shadows of terror and grief. When asked about the extremity of the flood and their struggles at the time, the victims and the people there had this to say,


No Way to Run or Hide

“Out of the blue, the raging flood came gushing in, sweeping away everything in its path, destroying houses

Houses Swept Away

and drowning lives. Everyone was in a state of panic and shock at the same time, confused and unable to think about what to do or where to run to. The old people, women and children, were having difficulty in running for their lives.

To some extent we were able to lend a hand to escort people to the safe areas because we thought of using the boats that we use on a daily basis. It was saddening to see the merciless flood washing away our years of hard work and sweat: our houses, cattle, belongings, let alone people having to witness their loved ones being swallowed up by the flood.

These people here were compelled to live beside this risky riverbed because of their poverty and difficult state to start with. We will never get back what we lost, no matter how hard we try, but we are a bit glad that we could at least save the precious lives of these innocent children. From our hearts, we are so grateful to your organization for the help and support with health care and food. Seeing so many lives lost, even we almost lost our will to live, but your support and the innocent faces of these children have given us hope for living.”

Can you help?

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