A Note of Gratitude

As mentioned in previous reports we are grateful that we enjoy good relationships with government authorities. The local councillors are very much working with us to help move things forward in the village while the Zambian military has a camp quite near the farm and have become very good supporters and unofficial security for Lainah, Benson and their families out on the farm.

Helping One Another

Maize is Flourishing

Maize has been planted as well as cabbages and onions. Our farmer friend from next door has planted a large portion of maize too. He is convinced he can produce more maize with less fertilizer. It is a challenge that he himself is funding and if the results are favourable then Oasis will adopt his method next year. At the present moment however, Oasis maize is looking much healthier.

Another neighbour has kindly offered to oversee the introduction of chickens to the farm. He is a white Zimbabwean and currently produces 80 000 chickens every 3 months for sale. He is going to help establish our small chicken farm, gradually working up to 500 chickens.

Not Just the Farm

We are also looking to start roofing houses in the community of Kantalomba as work to improve the living conditions of the women and children we are working with. This will be a project we envisage taking 3-5 years as we steadily try to raise funds. Time is not an issue in the Zambian culture but as long as the event happens everyone is happy – even if it isn’t on time. If you would like to help this project forward, please click on the EziDebit or PayPal button below and follow the prompts.