Our Children

We now have a well set-up home and 27 healthy children. Of the 6 who had tuberculosis, 5 are no longer on medication and only 1 has to continue as she is HIV positive through the birth process. She is doing very well but I guess we could never call her healthy. Wonderful progress has and is still being made in the treatment of the HIV Virus and we hope that by the time she reaches adulthood a cure will be found. Our children no longer suffer from recurring coughs and colds and a better diet and clean living conditions have made great physical changes in them.

The Power of Care and Interest

Our children were placed in all the top grades in the elementary school and took the prizes of being Dux in all grades. This is because we have a lot of resource materials and our children are already reading, compared to the other children at the school who are dependent on non-attending teachers for their education. In 2019 we have decided to teach the younger children ourselves until they go into Grade 3 and commence Primary School. And we now celebrate birthdays every month, which the kids love (Ed).

We Can’t do it Alone!

We have been given K200 per month in return for cleaning the War memorial. This money is coming to us from the Australian War Graves Commission. We haven’t received anything yet but it will mount up and be paid six monthly. We have purchased a ride-on mower to cut our sporting fields and Brisbane Rotary has made funding available for the Kyeema Foundation to come to PNG in early February to teach our children and workers how to incubate eggs and supply day-old chickens. Any chickens and eggs we don’t sell will be used to supplement the diets of our children. Brisbane Rotary gave A$7,500.00 and the Kyeema Foundation purchased incubators for us. We have just been advised that another local supermarket is allowing us K800 of foodstuff every month.

Help us

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