New Opportunities in South Africa

We’ve been invited to work with a large local company in assisting an employee to leave addiction and gang involvement. Marco, who previously worked with us, has volunteered to walk with this young man. Last week the company asked Marco to organize and work with a group of JCY gangsters the company wishes to employ, to help transform their lives and behaviour.

Where are the Gates?

Recently local people in Avian Park notified us that our 2 steel sliding gates, each 3 metres wide, had been stolen overnight. They were padlocked and heavily chained. We have been quoted approximately R9000 ($900) to replace them. Thankfully, a local gang member located one of the stolen gates and we were able to retrieve it but with some damage. It’s possible that we might retrieve the other one too or the part that’s left! We may put up a temporary barrier until our classrooms arrive. This unexpected help shows that relationships and communications with the most powerful gang in the are open and they are willing to help us.

Viva Soccer

Our soccer boys are regularly attending, receiving food, and being mentored and fathered by soccer coaches from Brazil, which is so important for them. They recently won a soccer competition against teams from all disadvantaged areas of the town! Two of the five Mailbox Clubs are continuing over school holidays. We are providing soup ingredients for mothers to cook for the 50+ children who attend, now that it’s cold. Our soccer team won a local soccer competition, which increased its popularity.

Our Wonderful Board

We’re saddened by the sudden death of founding board member, Rachel Williams, aged only 59 but new local board members are making a wonderful and much-needed contribution to meetings and local networks.

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