Dr Goh Post-operative Fistula Visit

Touch and Train

Medical Training isn’t just about providing physical healing to women with Fistula issues, but also passing on knowledge borne out of study and experience to other doctors so they can provide the same or better services than we do. Now they are performing operations independently, which is wonderful.

New Team and Opportunities

The door continues open in Uganda at the Kagando Hospital which has planned a “Fistula Camp” and St Paul’s Health Care centre, a “Prolapse camp.” Our team will have a few new members this time: Dr Steve Cattanach (obstetrician) will spend time in the birthing suite to upskill the local doctors/nurses. Ms Beth Burt (midwife) will also be the in the birthing suite. Dr David Sharp (plastic surgeon) will be at Kagando. We are hoping to use Dr Sharp’s knowledge and skills to improve outcomes for the fistula women in the area of vaginal reconstruction from childbirth trauma.

A Blessing called Donors

Quite a large sum of money has been donated to the project to start a cervical screening program around Kagando/Kasese. We will be discussing this with the administrators at Kagando/Kasese during our visit in a few weeks time.


There are a few concerns about the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Uganda border, quite close to Kagando. The trip will be cancelled if there are any cases at Kagando since safety in travel and work in Uganda is a concern.

We have also been invited to visit Sierra Leone, with the possibility of teaching at a Fistula Camp in March 2020. Thank you for your kind support and thoughts. If you would like to donate to our on-going efforts to assist women in various countries and train doctors to attend to their needs you can click on one of the buttons below and be directed to do so. Thank you so much.

Dr Judith Goh
(Project Manager)