From Africa to Fiji

After sending five 20-foot containers of books and educational materials to needy schools in developing countries in southern Africa over several years, Library Aid International Inc (LAI) now has almost 90% of a container of sorted materials ready to be shipped to Fiji in April. Two years ago many areas of Fiji were devastated by a Category-5 cyclone and they are still recovering. Last month another cyclone battered southern Fijian islands.

Joining Hands with Local Fijian Organizations

A team of 10 people is going to Fiji in June 2018 to work with schools and assist the distribution together with help from the Fiji Education Ministry and the Rotary Club of Nadi (Fiji Schools Project). The distribution will be mainly to rural, disadvantaged or remote schools that are in need of support for basic resources. It is also hoped to meet a request received from Youth For Christ for books to establish a library in a village there.

Want to Help?

If you would like to assist in the development of Fiji and other nations with immense educational challenges due to lack of resources, then you can donate using the EziDebit button below.