Books and Accessories

The shipping container has arrived in Fiji and distribution to schools is due to start on June 12. As well as books and educational resources it also includes 14 boxes packed with pencils and stationery from LionHeart, a Tasmanian-based initiative to enable needy children to colour, draw, write and be creative.

Teams Hand-in-hand

A team of 12 people from around Australia are in Fiji as part of the Rotary Fiji Schools Project to work with schools and assist the distribution of the container contents, together with help from the Fiji Education Ministry and the Rotary Club of Nadi. The distribution will be mainly to rural, disadvantaged or remote schools that are in need of support for basic resources.

Books with Love

Some of the books will be used to meet a request from a Fijian, Tomu Raiviu, who made known to LAI (through Pacific Director of Youth For Christ, Conrad Parsons) his dream of sharing his love of books to the many young people in the village of Logani (near Suva) where he grew up. He says, “Reading and literacy has helped me a lot and I truly believe that it will help our future generation and could also be a way out of poverty and unemployment for them as illiteracy is currently quite overwhelming. With your help, I plan to start a library with books and educational materials for the 50 – 60 primary and secondary school students in the village that they can access after school to do research or simply to just pick up a book to read.”

What Can You do?

If you would like to Aid in setting up good Libraries for needy people and countries just click on the EziDebit button below.