Alphabetical List of Current projects in March 2019 Code Link
Africa – Medical Training in Africa and Asia AFR-010
Africa – Library Aid International AFR-011
Bangladesh – New Hope Ministry Bangladesh Trust – Orphan Self Sufficiency BGD-010
Bangladesh – New Hope Ministry Bangladesh Trust – Multi purpose Educational Bldgs BGD-012
Burundi – Mustard Seed Projects BDI-010
Cambodia – Bridge of Hope (Siem Reap) KHM-010
Cambodia – Good Neighbours Pre-school in Tria KHM-013
Cambodia – Bridge of Hope (Siem Reap) – Family Sponsorship KHM-018
India – Asha Bhawan Community Building Project IND-050
India – Maxton Strong School (Banbassa) – Rick Shipway – Personal IND-014
India – Maxton Strong School (Bombassa) – Clifton Shipway – Personal IND-015
India – Maxton Strong School Staff Accommodation IND-018
India – Maxton Strong School Kindergarten Upgrade IND-019
Kazakhstan – HADA Astana – Alcoholism & Addiction Help KAZ-010
Kazakhstan – HADA Astana – Open Doors Community Centre KAZ-011
Kazakhstan – HADA Astana – Valueology Teaching KAZ-012
Kazakhstan – HADA Astana – David & Tirzah Pichotta – Personal KAZ-013
Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) – Good Neighbour Society – Family Development Prog MNG-010
Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) – Good Neighbour Society – Mobile Drop-in Centre MNG-018
Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) – Good Neighbour Soc – Corrie van der Esch – Personal MNG-019
Nepal – ACN – Dr Julie Lincoln – Personal NPL-011
Nepal – ACN:Health Promotion NPL-012
Northern Iraq – “Optician Training Centre” IRQ-010
Papua New Guinea – Haus Pikinini P4K Orphanages Development PNG-010
Sierra Leone – Syke Street School SLE-013
Sierra Leone – PK4A Orphanages Development SLE-012
South Africa – My Father’s House ZAF-010
South Africa – My Father’s House – Jan Buchanan – Personal ZAF-011
Uganda – Grace Care Child Programme UGA-020
Uganda – Grace Care Child Programme * * * * * * * UGA-021
Vanuatu – Victory School of Hope VUT-010
Zambia (Ndola) – Oasis Care Project ZMB-010
Zambia (Ndola) – Oasis Care Project – gardeners Benson & Alison – Personal ZMB-012
Zambia (Ndola) – Oasis Care Project – Lainah Phirl – Manager ZMB-013
General Disaster DIS-100
Bangladesh Floods DIS-000
Help for Syrian Refugees DIS-010
Where Most Needed WMN-010