Greetings from Cambodia at the end of a very wet wet-season and the start of the dry season.

Pchum Ben festival.

Pchum Ben Festival

Every year, October has the Pchum Ben festival. It is a time when Cambodians prepare meals and bring them to the monks in the temples. Whilst eating the food, the monks chant over it as Cambodians believe that this process feeds the hungry spirits of their ancestors. Pchum Ben is about three weeks long and culminates in three days of public holidays. November too has its own festival: the water festival that celebrates the annual harvests and a naval victory about nine centuries ago.

Whilst there is much that we can see in Good Neighbours to rejoice in, we strive to also rejoice in what is happening that is unseen.  We trust that what is unseen now will become seen, as more and more lives involved in the project are touched and developed.

Pchum Ben festival


Graduation and New Beginning
The school year for 2018 ended in August. We had a delightful graduation service for the children and their parents. The children performed songs and dances, which were well received. Following that the school had a two-month break, but the Good Neighbours team was still very active and busy during this time. We also appointed a new teacher called Lai Korng, and he is a young man from the village who is involved in the community centre.

Lai Korng

School restarted on the first day of November. We were asked to participate in the official opening. Our preschool also started on that day, with a full complement of pupils.

Cambodia / Brazil
The start of October saw Celia returning to Brazil for her four-month home leave. We trust that she will have a refreshing time in Brazil, reconnecting with her friends, family and community.

Even when in Brazil, Celia is still managing to have an impact for Good Neighbours. She took a lot of artwork from the young artists in Tria (check out our Facebook page, Good Neighbours Artist in Tria). Already, the artwork seems to be causing quite a stir in Brazil.

Pressing On

Graduation Ceremony

Established in 2010, Good Neighbours is a WEC Cambodia ministry, reaching into the remote villages of South Eastern Cambodia with a plan for transforming lives. Our vision is to see every village in our area reached and transformed holistically with local leaders taking ownership.

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