Changing Communities Family by Family

Communities are nothing but extended families, and the Family Development Programme in Ulaanbataar is seeking to help families to be better community members and citizens of their nation. The story below tells just a little of what we seek to do behind the scenes. Enjoy.

Community Centre Gold Medal Story

This is Anujin who is only 5 years old. Last year her family was going through an extremely difficult time. Her father had died because of tuberculosis and her mother was afraid that her 4 children would be doomed to a similar fate. Their ger (Mongolian House) was falling apart and they wouldn’t be able to survive another winter.

Then we received a donation to help buy a new house for the family and they joined our Community Centre programme.

Anujin is an exceptionally special case because 5 years ago, her mother was thinking of aborting her but, through wise counsel, at our Centre, she decided not to do it. Last April Anujin participated in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition in the “Ulaanbaatar City Championship” and won the gold medal for under 5 years old.

Thank you for supporting us to make a difference in so many lives like Anujin. If you would like to help us change individuals and families then please donate using the buttons below..