Maxton Strong School Kindergarten Construction (IND-019)

Strength through Wisdom and Knowledge

The People We Serve

The Maxton Strong School is a medium sized primary and high school based in North India about 350km east of New Delhi.  The school is run by a larger organization called the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission.  The people from the local area are about 90% Hindu with the rest being a mix of Muslim, Sikh and Christians.  HADA has been partnering with MSS to build their school campus, originally helping them to build their very first school building more than 10 years ago.

The Plan

While the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission has been functioning for more than 70 years its school has only been around for 8 of them. In this short time they have developed an incredible reputation and have quickly risen to the top of the ranks and are now considered the best school in their district (which contains more than 200 schools).

After constructing the main Primary Block, a Science Wing and a Library/Computer Lab the school is now planning to build a Kindergarten facility for the youngest students. The new kindergarten will contain the following facilities:

  • 6 classrooms
  • 3 playrooms
  • 2 offices
  • 3 bathroom (staff, boys & girls)
  • 2 store rooms
  • A large enclosed playground area
  • An open (yet protected) play field
  • A spacious open undercover verandah that can provide protection during monsoon periods.

Construction plans are currently in development and should be completed in early 2019;  they hope to begin breaking ground in mid-2019 if funding can be secured.

Where We Are Going

The new Kindergarten facility will provide education to around 200 students per year as well as employ around 15 locals as staff. The MSS aims to be a light in the darkness, to break generational poverty cycles through excellent education.  The staff is made up of a mixture of locals and volunteer ex-pats, ensuring the very best teaching methods are employed. Their facilities are open, roomy, well lit and fully equipped.

The Final Goal

A major facet of the vision for this project is to see income generated from the monthly student fees so that the project can become self-supporting as quickly as possible (a dream that is fast becoming a reality). Your generous help can make this vision come to pass for the needy community of Banbasa. To donate just click on the EziDebit button below.



Manager 1

Meet the Manager

Clifton Shipway

Clifton Shipway

Clifton is the grandson of Rev. Maxton D. Strong the founder of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission orphanage in North India. In 2004 at 19 years of age he moved from Australia to India with his parents to continue on his grandfather’s work.

A Challenging Task

Today he is working as the Deputy Director of the orphanage and the Chairman of the Maxton Strong School (the orphanage’s school). He is married to Priscilla, a former child of the mission, and together they have 3 sons.

Over the past 10 years, Clifton has overseen the construction of the orphanages new school through the support of HADA. As the school now turns its focus from the construction of just one building to the implementation of an entire campus it will be Clifton’s job to monitor the progress and manage the new facility.



Manager 2

Warwick ‘Rick’ Shipway (Director)


Rick Shipway – Co-Manager

Warwick, or as he is known to most, ‘Rick’, first came to India in 1976 as North Indian Director of an aid organization called For Those Who Have Less. At the time, he was delivering an airplane containing one hundred and ninety-eight purebred Australian dairy cows to be used in a cross-breeding program to benefit the poor. Mother Theresa personally assisted Rick in his work and, in turn, Rick donated cows to her children’s home in Dumdum, Calcutta. He also brought twenty-five cows to The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission (GSAM) in Banbasa, a trip that changed his life forever.

Shortly after his arrival, Rick saw a need at the mission for someone with his agricultural training and experience. And so for the next ten years, he worked as the Workshop Superintendent, teaching the orphan children about mechanics and mechanized agriculture. During this time, he married Maxine Strong, daughter of the founder of The GSAM, Rev. Maxton D. Strong. Rick and Maxine eventually fostered seven orphan children before having three children of their own.

After encountering Visa difficulties in 1986, Rick moved his family back to Australia where he ran a farm for a college in Tasmania—but the Mission was never far from his thoughts. In 2004, following the death of Rev. Strong, Rick along with his wife Maxine and son Clifton returned to India to continue the mission’s work. So committed was Rick to this project, he sold his house, cars, and business in Australia and donated all that he had to the organization. Today, he continues to be a non-stop force for good around the compound, active in all aspects of mission life, leading by example and working harder than most volunteers half his age.

He became a member of our orphanage Board of Directors in 2004 and is a key person in the growth and development of the project.




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