Asha Bhawan – Community Building Project (IND-050)

Rescued to Serve

Asha Bhawan (House of Hope) – Community Building Project

Betel has been around for a while!

Betel’s drug de-addiction and rehabilitation Project in India actually began in 1999 and growth has been phenomenal thus necessitating the construction of installations to accommodate people and the services needed to attend to their needs. The present construction was initiated in 2013 and is nearing its final stages – the expensive stage: outfitting kitchen, bathrooms, electrical wiring and fittings and much more.

A Little Bit of Background

The Asha Bhawan Trust of India conducts rehabilitation projects in 17 Indian cities. While the work of the trust is overseen by two foreign couples – Keith and Lolita Bergmeier (Australia/Mexican) and Ivan and Encarni Adan (Spain) – all the local projects are in the hands of local ex-addict Indian directors and staff. “Rescued to serve” is hopefully the desire of each one who has passed through our de-addiction and rehabilitation programme.

Our Goal

  • To see a transformation take place in the lives of addicts in order for them to live normal productive lives;
  • To train ex-addicts to become monitors in order to successfully help their addicted peers;
  • To train ex-addicts to successfully establish and manage similar drug rehabilitation programs and for them to become financially self-sustaining while offering free admittance to those in need;
  • To offer residential care, sustenance, and education – up to university level – for children who have become victims of their parent’s drug abuse.

Numbers Speak

In 2017 more than 2700 men, women and children were assisted by Asha Bhawan. We are currently caring for 670 full-time residents in our homes in 17 cities. This construction project will enable us to double our residential and training facilities in Gurgaon (currently 130) and enable them to be carried out much more effectively.

Once the construction in Gurgaon is complete, which includes training facilities, we will be able to expand our communities to 6 more cities and house 250 more residents in the following three years.

Progress to Date

Stages one and two have already been partly completed at a cost of AU$ 1,200,000. A further AU$ 300,000 is required to see these stages completed and the buildings occupied. This would take an estimated six months to complete.

Stage three, not yet initiated, will require funds of AU$ 700,000 and take twelve to eighteen months to complete.

You Can Help

The challenge of addiction in India is huge and our work is just a drop in the bucket, but who knows what will happen in the future through these people who have been rescued to serve. If you would like to contribute to this great project, please donate using the EziDebit button below.



  • Slogan Rescued to Serve
  • Project Code IND-050
  • Project Manager Keith Bergmeier
  • Listing categories Rehabilitation

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