Chicken Shed “Coming out of it’s Shell”


Chicken Shed

There was a delay in getting the chicken shed work underway but now all is going well as funds are in hand. They are presently lining it with chicken wire and putting irrigation pipes in. We still need to fence around it with electric fencing to keep predators out. Some other buildings have been built but need finishing before they can go into full operation.

Farm Issues

With the wet season upon us maize and ground nuts need to be planted. Tomatoes are being planted out but we have had a small insect infecting the plants. Hopefully the solution that Yates (Australia) gave us will resolve the problem effectively as this has been quite a set-back for the farm. A gradual increase in crops is reaping small rewards for the project.

The Feeding Place


Some of the 350 Children we assist

Due to a health and safety issue we have to move to a new location for the programme of feeding the children. The local council and Lainah have donated some land for this but it needs to cleared in coming months, a basic shelter and sanitation block and running water brought to it. Clearing the block can be done by the ladies but we need to look at ways to help raise money for a shelter, a bore and a sanitation block.

Encouraging Snippets

It’s great to have the encouragement of local authorities with Councillors working closely with us to help move things forward in the village. The women attending night school are really loving learning and are talking about ways to help themselves. The Zambian military have a camp out near the farm and have become very good supporters and unofficial security for Lainah,, Benson and their families out on the farm. Lainah Phiri, the founder and director of Oasis Care continues to struggle with her health but a new treatment is gradually dissolving her gallstones and she is starting to be able to lead the work again.

So we are grateful for the many blessings, and the support of HADA and your friends. To donate to this project just click on the button below.