Syrian and other refugees in Jordan

Tranquil Normality

Amira, her husband, three sons, a younger daughter, a daughter-in-law and an infant granddaughter escaped to Jordan in June. Prior to fleeing from her country she had to see a doctor so left her daughter, who is in her early twenties, and a younger daughter who is now ten, at home.

Unexpected Abnormality

Feeling safe just as any regular day, while at the doctor’s office, she received a phone call from one of her neighbours asking where she was and pleading with her not to go back to her home. When Amira inquired about the reason, she was shaken to the core with what she heard: ISIS had entered her house, raped her daughter repeatedly and, when she resisted they burned her to death along with the house, as the younger daughter watched from another room.

The Shock and Coping

Amira was shocked like never before, and fell on the ground unable to believe the news. The neighbours tried to take the daughter to the hospital where she passed away a few hours later. Now the whole family is in Jordan where our team recently visited them, providing them with blankets, food, and financial help to pay their rent. Our team spent a good time with them, listening to their tragedy and showing them love and compassion. When they left, the family was very thankful that someone there is caring for them, and they said, “We are able to forgive and there is hope!”

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