Syria - Refugess in Iraq

Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Living with huge needs and far from their home, 335 refugee families from the Kobane area of Syria and now in Iraq were given a food parcel and 300 infants a supply of powdered milk and disposable nappies. There is only limited opportunity for work in the area as the Kurdish economy has been paralyzed by the bust caused by deep political and economic crises hitting the region. It’s so bad that even many Kurdish youth are fleeing the region!


We received the funds ($6,660 USD) from Hada on the 20th January and put it into the hands of the project manager a few days later (topping up from our own ‘Relief Fund’ to US$10,000). Pastor Kevin and his team were able to complete the distributions on the 10-13th and 18-19th February. Here are his comments:

Dear and respected brothers,

Greetings. We thank you for your co-operation and support of this service on behalf of the Syrian refugees (SR). From 10 – 13th February, we distributed food to some 335 SR families in several areas. We had previously helped 320 families with the assistance of another organisation so we were very happy when your donations arrived and we could visit these 335 families once again. We hadn’t been able to visit them again, but they were waiting for us and, together with the local Refugee Council, were very grateful for our help.

Syria - Milk and nappies for kids

Powdered Milk and Nappies for Kids

What’s on the Menu?

On the distribution “menu” were: 2 kilos of oil, 3kg of rice, 2 kg of lentils, 1 kg of tomato paste, 3kg of sugar, 3 packets of spaghetti or macaroni, half kilo of olives, half kilo of jam and half kilo of soft cheese… for each family. These items were selected by the refugee council itself, according to the wishes of the people. A total of US$18.40 was spent on each family and the remainder on packaging and transporting the goods. We had spend US$6,164 thus far so planned to use the remaining US$3,836 to purchase milk and nappies for the children of the refugees. This we have done for 300 children in the Kobane Area, each of whom received 2 tins of Dialak milk and one packet of disposable nappies.

Syria - Old refugee with ill daughter

An Old Refugee with Traumatized Daughter

“What can we say?”

For these impoverished families in such dire need the packages proved of great assistance, particularly for nursing mothers who have a “double” burden of care. Thank you so much for enabling us to do this great work, reflected in the pictures. The older man holding a can of milk powder is from Kobane. He, his wife and his daughter are living together but due to the situation of war and unhappiness, their daughter has been suffering from a severe mental disorder. One of his sons was killed in the fighting in Kobane. They are now living in Raniya in very poor circumstances so he asked us for some powdered milk so that they’re able to give her something for her lunch, which we did.

Our sincere thanks for your on-going cooperation on behalf of the Refugees. Any assistance you can give, please donate via the EziDebit icon below.

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