Inflation burning up the cash!

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David & Tirza with their children

While white Christmas means snow and cold, the exchange rate for the Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT) is burning up. From August to November the Tenge (pronounce Tangy) has gone from 185 to 330 per $US1.00. That means, “use your money quickly or lose it”, OR keep it in $US in a bank, if possible.

Such inflation gives plenty of work to our part-time accountant Askarbek, who does a good job looking after the many financial, tax and statistical documents required by the government.

Breaking Alcoholism’s Chains

Kazakhstan - alcoholThe addicts group meets twice a week with an attendance of 6-9 people. We continue providing books and pamphlets to combat the problem and have a good on-going relationship with the drug and alcohol recovery centre. With the cold weather more people come to them, and the need to start a women’s centre is growing. Hopefully the next few months will see something materialise.

Employment and Life Skills

English conversation, with the help of some British volunteers, the Mothers and Toddlers Club, Kazak conversation club, the Pregnancy Crisis Centre and Chinese Club are all seeking to fill a void in people’s ability to find a job and cope with life.

Teaching Life Values

Kazakhstan - mothers teaWith Kazakstan in 9th place for suicides worldwide I have been researching this issue and providing helpful lesson materials for suicide prevention among students and teens. Hopefully the next couple of months will see good progress in this area.

The desperation in the lives of many people urges us on to assist in every way possible so that they might have hope and develop their lives to cope with living. You can help by donating with the button below