Andrew Ismay – President of HADA

Celebration Dinner Titbits

Our HADA 20-Year Celebration Dinner was a great success with 83 people attending. Steve Peach was an excellent MC and each of our speakers highlighted their particular projects. Miriam did a great job with the power points and videos from the wide range of projects. It was exciting to see how many people had been helped over the 20 year period, be it from micro enterprise help in China, help in disasters, from the Indonesian tsunami through to current flooding in Bangladesh and Nepal and the refugees in the Middle East; medical training in Africa and Asia, pre schools and care for children, offering education and hope for those who only see despair.

Both caterers gave us an excellent meal and we appreciated having Andrew’s and Miriam’s children serving. A wonderful evening of celebration and thanksgiving.

Library Aid International – AFR-011

Most of the container of boxes of books has been distributed to needy schools in the Western Cape Province around Cape Town, South Africa by the Rotary Club of Newlands during April to September, with the final boxes to be delivered in October. Feedback from schools that received supplies of library books has been great and very encouraging.

Medical Training in Africa and Asia – AFR-010.

Another very successful training camp run in September and Judith Goh and team are planning for Cambodia and Myanmar in December.

Strategic Planning

Times are changing and HADA needs to keep up or get left behind. So a “Strategic Planning” meeting is planned as part of our board meeting on 20th January.  We’ll be asking what HADA should look like in five years time!  Aging or Rejuvenated?


ACN Health Promotion – NPL-012.

Dr Julie Lincoln has a fresh visa which has allowed her to return to Nepal for another six months. Great reports have come in on the project as well as Disaster Relief after the floods.

My Father’s House – ZAF-010.

They are endeavouring to raise funds for computers, soccer gear and guitars as they plan to offer training in computing, soccer and music in 2018. They are also looking into establishing a Scout pack.

100% Hope’s letter of thanks

“On behalf of the Board of 100% Hope, I would like to say a huge thank you to the HADA Board for your ongoing support over the years. 100% Hope would not have been able to achieve all it has in the last 5 years without the support of HADA. Your guidance, and financial support, has been invaluable to us.” (Kate Wheatland – President) If you want to accompany 100%Hope you can visit them at their website.

Bangladesh Multi-purpose Educational Buildings – BGD-012

The Fulbari site is almost complete after being in hibernation over the wet season and the recent flooding which was the worst in decades and 35% of Bangladesh was covered in water. As we had completed a structural boundary wall before the wet season there was no damage to the partially completed building.  Here’s the latest.

Bridge of Hope in Cambodia – KHM-010

This last quarter 17 students have past their assessment and will get intergraded into the government school. For the new school year we will accept 15 new students into the Bridge of Hope. Two boys from a Bridge of Hope foster care family can be reintegrated with their biological family. We will provide 3 months of after care for the family. It’s so good to see kids at school and off the streets!

Zambia, the Oasis Project – ZMB-010

The rains are just starting so it is time to sow maize, tomatoes and onions. Cabbages are already growing. Another crop of cabbages will be sown soon.The plan is to grow a large amount of maize this year. The chicken shed is now complete. We still need to buy feeders and drinkers and feed for the first 500 chickens. We have decided to go slowly and will sow the crops before we buy our first batch of chickens as the first few weeks are very time consuming.

Neil Young – Founder

Thanks to You!

Our heartfelt thanks to you, our supporters, for without you HADA would not survive and nor would some of the vital projects that we support. Bless you.