Sierra Leone - little things mean a lot

For Orphans – Little things mean a lot.

Finally, with a measure of certainty I can say that life is starting to return to some normality after the EBOLA devastation. Builders and buildings are under way again again, albeit slowly; and the people from the country are returning to their normal pre-EBOLA lifestyles.

Inflation is rampant and the currency (Leones) continues its downward spiral against the US dollar. Financially we are battling. Even though construction slowed to almost a standstill during the Ebola plague, we felt obliged to continue paying our labourers and workers their monthly salaries as well as feed and care for them. To not do so would have virtually condemned them to death by starvation or contamination by Ebola in the streets. The most frightening aspect of the crisis may be the fear that was generated in old and young alike.

Next Challenges

Over coming months we will be tackling many of the interior challenges: electricity, plumbing, and wall coverings. All of this will give local laborers on-the-job training in the building industry. With this experience and training they are acquiring skills which will enable them to improve their future job prospects.


People are already benefiting from the project even though it’s not fully operational. The School and Hall are both incomplete but the noise of kids shows the school is in full swing, and the hall is being utilized by the School and locals. It’s great to have a place for them to gather.

Appreciation Unlimited

The people’s appreciation can only be measured by the way they treat us – like a Father. The local population that will benefit from the school extension and Amputee Clinic see the project as one that will help their children receive an education otherwise unattainable. And the disabled in the local community understand that they will be the first to benefit from the Amputee Clinic, before we open it to the wider community.

Ebola orphans are now receiving full support with food, education and clothing so food and medicine continue to be prime issues in our daily lives. Your kind backing helps to make life more bearable for all.