Bangladesh – Multi-purpose Educational Buildings

Warwick Lloyd – Project Director

Dear Jeanie

Thank you so much for HADA’s generosity. This knocked my socks off.

We are getting close to finishing the building at Fulbari and this will be invaluable.

Please give our heart felt thanks to all the board.

Wishing you every blessing

Warwick Lloyd (Bangladesh Trust – Multi Purpose Educational Bldgs BGD-012)



Mongolia – Family Development Programme

A Family in the Programme

Dear HADA team and Jeanie,

I was so excited to get your letter with blessing. We truly needed the financial help you mentioned so please forward it as soon as possible.

I have just returned from a family camp with families that are participating in the work in Hailaast.

At the moment we are celebrating Mongolia’ s Independence Day. So…. Happy Mongolian Independece day of Naadam.


(Family Development Programme in Mongolia MNG-010)


Mongolia – Mobile Drop-in Centre

The Why of a Mobile Drop-in Centre

Thank you so much Jeanie and all of you HADA for your gift, truly encouraging!

For the moment it won’t be necessary to send us the funds. Today we started our summer break and last week the time spent with my visitor from The Netherlands (‘Hope’ addiction care) was very good and helpful. This week I will write an update about it and send to you too, as well as a plan for the coming half year of the project.

Blessings to all of you too!

Corrie  (Mobile Drop-in Centre MNG-018)