Oasis Expanding

OLC - A garden to feed kids

Where the farm’s produce goes

Oasis Life Care Ministry is expanding to include educating young teenagers from Kantalomba in agriculture and running a small business. As the farm work grows there will be many great opportunities for this, with some living onsite to learn and participate in the work. At the same time many of the widows of Kantalomba work with Lister Phiri in caring for the children.

Vision with Passion

OLC Chicken Shed going up

The Chickens will soon have a house

Our vision and passion are burning as we strive to finish the chicken shed and begin producing eggs within six months. But marine creatures are on the agenda too, as we sound out the possibility of fish farming on the property, without neglecting fruit, of course, as we plant a good number and variety of Fruit trees. A tailoring course for the women in Kantalomba is planned, and for that we need 10 Sewing machines, hopefully within the next twelve months.

All of this is with a view to becoming self-supporting, having a shelter in Kantalomba for the widows and children to receive food and health care, and even having a dormitory at the farm in 2-3 years. Hopefully we’ll have electricity installed as we obtain funds to pay the local Electrical Company.

Vision at the Edge

OLC Chickens

Help Chickens become a reality

OLC The Farm

If you sow, you will reap!

With the challenge of purchasing a 4×4 dual cab vehicle to transport and selling crops and eggs we are being pushed to the limit. However, the local Board in Zambia is committed to seeing this project self sustaining but it will be a gradual process with the ever increasing cost of living playing havoc with their income at this time.

Many hands make light work!

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