A Proud Day

5th March 2017 was a proud day in the history of the Ophthalmic Technician Training Programme. On that day 28 students who had graduated from OTTP in two different class (8th class in 2015 and 9th class in 2016) successfully passed their Recognition Examination with the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan.

A Pleasant Surprise

This Recognition Examination usually takes place annually in the Ministry of Public Health for the different mid-level health care professionals who have graduated from different internal and external institutes. These qualified health professionals are obviously anxious to have a legal governmental certificate. Due to some issues within MoPH, this time the exam was delayed for 3 years. So it was only after lots of waiting that MoPH announced the date of the exam – 5th March 2017.

Despite thinking that the results would be made public after one or two months as in previous years, MoPH announced the results on the very night of exam. This surprised everybody who was waiting for their results. MoPH used a new examination system which enabled them to work much more quickly.

The Core Issue

The major point of this event is that the Ophthalmic Technicians were the only group amongst all the mid-level health-care professionals that passed this exam without a single failure – 100 % success. The rate of passes in other groups was very low, even down to 15%.

This encouraged us no end, atesting to the fact that the OTTP is one of best programmes in mid-level heath care in Afghanistan, and its students can confidently and reliably help the people of Afghanistan after graduation.

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