Oasis Tomatoes at market

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Rain – A Mixed Blessing

It is the rainy season in Zambia and so it is hot and humid and the mosquitoes are loving it.

Malaria has been an ongoing battle for the staff at Oasis Care and their families. It is a really bad year for it. As well as staff many of the children in Kantalomaba have had it and much time has been spent taking children to clinics to get medication.

Without Oasis support in getting these children to the clinics and then standing as their advocate, the children would go untreated and often die. Even once getting to a clinic many doctors will ignore dirty unkempt hungry children.

Coping Strategies

Oasis produce

Much of the profits gone to health care

It has been a busy time for the team and much of the profits from vegetables has gone to health care so far this year. We are hoping to increase our planting of crops in the next month or so but we have run into a small problem with water. There is a limited supply so the water company is threatening to turn it off, and our well is not deep enough to give a constant supply of water. So, we are looking to be able to raise money to sink a bore.

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