Progress at Fulbari in Spite of Floods

Progress on the building at Fulbari has been monitored by Kalyan each month, along with Caleb’s annual on-site review. It is almost complete after being in hibernation over the wet season and the recent flooding which was the worst in decades when 35% of Bangladesh was covered in water. As we had completed a structural boundary wall before the wet season there was no damage to the partially completed building so it will be ready for the start of the school year in January.

The opening and dedication service is scheduled for Friday (which is the Bangladesh equivalent of Sunday) 3rd of November and Jill Wallis and Warwick Lloyd will be in attendance. It is extremely fortunate that the completion of the building coincides with our annual visitation.

Forward Planning

The next school site is planned for Ulipur and a Korean congregation has offered to fund an additional building on the existing site. That will make a school facility viable, in conjunction with the existing building. Boundary walls, classroom fit-out and some building modification to the existing building will be required through the HADA project and full costings will be finalized and reviewed when Jill and Warwick are there in Oct/Nov.

Impending Action

We need to raise funds to complete the second part of the Fulbari school building and inform the whole   community of the school’s impending start. But our thinking is further ahead as we seek to complete the transfer of a block of land at Kotopara for a multi-purpose school building. The only cost will be the registration of the land with the government. The land has road access and is a good block. This has taken longer than expected and hopefully will be resolved by the end of November.


The Impact of External Factors

We are running somewhat behind schedule due to a couple of factors:

  • Increase in amount of $’s needed due to the weakening $A;
  • increasing land prices in Bangladesh, and
  • the difficulty in identifying and procuring suitable sites.

We believe that we won’t be able to make up for lost time and it may take longer to execute due to the diligence required

Benefits Accrued

While no one is being benefited at this stage we anticipate that some 120 will be by January 2018 and eventually there could be 1,500 students and 50 teachers. At the moment the teaching staff are very stable which is a key indicator of the quality of relationships. Kalyan and Warwick also put together the training program for 2017 with more external training elements for the teachers, with assistance from the Logos Bible College in Sillonz India (on the Bangladeshi boarder) who run teacher training courses on site.

If you would like to donate to this dedicated development in a very needy country, please use the EziDebit button below.

Kalyan Biswas in Bangladesh and Warwick Lloyd in Australia