Wonderful news! We’ve bought a van!

Every Bit Helps

The New Mobile Drop-in Centre Van

Do you remember the High Tea HADA organised in March last year to raise funds for the purchase of a bus to assist the people working with the homeless in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia?

Well, the bus has become a reality. Eventually sufficient funds were raised by HADA and other groups and now they have a new vehicle …. not the big bus they had hoped for, and are still aiming for, but a van that enables them to drive out to where the homeless are.

A Word of Appreciation

From Corrie who manages the project: “The project car has arrived and is in use. It’s great to have this spacious car with which we can transport ourselves and our items to our outside meeting locations. Thanks again to everyone who helped in the purchase!”


How it Happened

Taking hot food, blankets, medical care and love to homeless

They were able to buy the van in Korea and have it shipped across in time for Christmas. What a celebration. What an amazing help. The homeless are now enduring -30C and below temperatures and workers are able to drive the van to different locations and serve hot soup, provide warm underwear and clothing and give haircuts and first aid. Many are taken to hospital for treatment, some to rehab centres.

The good news is that some are changing and looking at ways of supporting themselves with small businesses.

Still more to do

Your help has been significant in making this happen. To help the work continue and expand please donate using the EziDebit button below.

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