Jargalant Myatav - GNS Mongolia

Jargalant is one of our helpers in Mongolia

Alcoholism Inherited?

My name is Jargalant Myatav and I am 49 years old. I come from a family of 14 children but when I was 3 years old my parents gave me away for adoption.

My adopted parents were good people but my adopted father was an alcoholic which led me to hate alcohol during my teenage year. However, when I went to the Art and Theatre College in Moscow to study to be an actor I soon started to drink as well, and went on to become an alcoholic for 22 years.

Drink now, Pay later!

During that time I had no success in life and got divorced from my first wife. Later I remarried and I now have 2 sons. In those 22 years of addiction I lived on the street for almost 4 years suffering cold, hunger, and rejection as well as getting involved in crime. Consequently I ended up in prison for almost 5 years – and what difficult years they were!

On May 22, 2005 I was invited to an alcoholics’ self-help group (Celebrate Recovery) held at a church. For the next 9 years I struggled to resist the temptation to drink again, but I finally got free of my addiction! In 2012 I went to college again to study counseling and psychology for people with addictions and graduated in 2014.

Over the last 9 years I’ve been frequently leading self-help groups for addicted people and my wife and 2 sons have helped in that as well. I am very thankful that my family has always supported and helped me get my life back on track. I have devoted my life to helping addicts and homeless people get their lives restored and to see them reunited with their families.

This new Mobile Drop-In Centre Project of Good Neighbor Society gives me a great opportunity to do this!  Visit the Mobile Drop-in site here.