Mongolia - Corrie van Esch

Corrie van Esch and Mongolian Friends

Who am I?

During the past 4 years while living in Mongolia, I’ve being confronted over and over again with the issue of homelessness.

What would you do?

In midwinter finding a drunken homeless man sleeping (or is he already dead?) on the street. It is late in the evening, dark, you’re a foreigner and alone, police often won’t come for that…

Dalantav - Manhole Man

Danantav – the Manhole is my Home

Running into a mentally ill homeless man in -25ºC walking with his pants on his ankles, a glazed, sad look in his eyes and literally blue of cold, others are walking around him in a big circle. What do you do?

A lady unnoticed, sick and dying in a manhole…What do you do?

Doing nothing is no option and every situation is different from the other.

I want to be involved

So often I just don’t know what to do, regret what I did, or did not do. Eventually I couldn’t bare it anymore and knew, this is why I’m here and despite the great challenge it will be, this is what I want to work for. I want to be involved in the lives of homeless people.