There’s more to building than building!

MAX - The sun working for us

The Sun working for us

MAX - Path round the building

Path for students and their parents

Major construction on our orphanage’s school extension is now complete. We still have a lot of work to do – electrical wiring, painting and installing glass in the windows will keep us busy for the next month or more. After that we are hoping to install an almost 20,000 square foot iron roof across the whole school to increase the life of our building.

One thing after another

A 9 foot wide footpath has been constructed along the side of the school to give easy walking access for parents and students each morning and we have started installing appropriate drainage around the site. Once these tasks have been completed we will turn our attention to the landscaping and gardening. Join hands with Rick and Clifton to change the lives of the poor children who live around their school by clicking on the donation button below.

Rick and Cliff Shipway with Maxton Children

Other-worth developing self-worth