Food – a priority

Raniya Distribution Nappies

Nappies and Food for kids and families

Five hundred and fifty Syrian refugee families have been assisted with food parcels through the work of a small evangelical church in Raniya, Northern Iraq, and HADA.  Another food distribution is planned for July or August 2016 and the church members involved in this project remain very excited about being able to assist needy people in their city and surroundings.

Some 100 Syrian families have left their area; many have travelled to Turkey or Libya with a view to crossing into Europe and a smaller number have returned to the Kobane area of northern Syria. This meant that the 550 beneficiary families could receive more items according to the total sum available of US$10,000.

No luxuries, just basics

With HADA’s assistance we were able to visit these people again as they are really depending on us due to the terrible situation our countries find themselves in. Once again the refugee council and the refugees themselves were very thankful for the assistance.

To each family, we distributed: 2 kg of cooking oil, 2 kg of lentils, 1 kg of tomato paste, 3 kg of sugar, 3 packets of spaghetti/macaroni, 0.5 kg of olives, 0.5 kg of jam, 0.5 kg of soft cheese, 0.5 kg of tea, and 3 kg of cracked wheat. This list of items was what the refugee council suggested to us according to the needs of the people.  These items worked out as US$17.90 for each family, apart from the costs of bagging, sorting and transportation.

What about the Refugee Kids?

Syrian refugee children drawing

Syrian Refugee Children doing their best

We are currently supporting a small school for Syrian refugee children operating in Raniya with approximately 30 students from 6 to 14 years old: one years’ salary for the two Kurdish teachers, stationary and related items, plus daily snacks for the children (US$8,200 over three installments). Members of our ARI organisation visited the school last week and gave the second installment of funds in response to their faithful working to educate the children in local Kurdish, English, basic schooling topics, and lessons in community behaviour. The aims is to help the children return to good patterns of behaviour after their emotional trauma.

The overall condition of the refugees remains very critical and they have asked us if we can assist them as often as we are able. Through this on-going assistance we have maintained our relationships with the people and sought to encourage them in their day-by-day lives.

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