Kindergarten Program

Syrian refugee children playing games

Syrian Refugee Children at Play

“Every week we visit the families of our kids in the centre. One time we visited the family of Nada, who had mentioned more than once that she doesn’t want to go back to Syria unless Bashar Al-Assad dies.

What little children face!

Her mother told us that the military entered their house more than once and destroyed her favourite toys, causing her to cry extensively. She also saw a young man dying on the floor in their neighbour’s living room. She speaks sometimes about this moment and wonders where this young man is now.

One day, while hiding from the bombing, their house was almost completely destroyed and they decided to come to Jordan.

Meeting a need

Syrian refugee children drawing

Syrian Refugee children drawing

The mother is very thankful that Nana can be a part of our kindergarten program because they don’t have enough money for her to go to another kindergarten.”

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