Guarantees for the Community

Grace Care Urinals

Health and Hygiene in Focus

The primary school with 8 classes is now moving into the next term, backed up with a flush toilet system which depends on water being  pumped up to the header tank once a day.  This is sufficient for the current needs. The children are learning to flush the toilets and wash their hands after using the toilets.

We are still celebrating the completion of the flushing toilets and so is the local community. To them it gives the assurance that the project and its benefits to the community are “here for the long term”  Most of our children have now learnt to use the “modern toilets” which have created a healthier lifestyle for the school which the students are enjoying.

Staff Changes and Improvements

In this quarter we lost 2 volunteers when they got paid jobs elsewhere. We have already found one replacement but are still searching for another. The assistance of a full time staff member next term will help improve the running of the school and we  hope to implement a program of staff skill’s development to assist the volunteers.

We are aiming to improve teaching at the primary school level and to commence work on the secondary school building next year. Unfortunately we are a little behind schedule with building the secondary school due to delays with the subdivision of the land. But that’s progressing now and we expect the land title to be issued by October, ready for the visit of some of our supporters.

The Work must go on…

Grace Care Toilets 2 (1)

Much improved toilet facilities

Then work can begin on the construction of the secondary school. Funds permitting we will be able to start working on drainage and paving part of the school compound to avoid muddy ground that makes our children always dirty at school. However we also need to start saving for the secondary school.

We will be meeting next week to prioritize the ongoing needs for the primary school, which include a new fireplace for the kitchen, so that food can be prepared for the increased number of students, plus additional desks, tables and chairs

Thank you for your on-going support for this growing project, and should you wish to donate just use the buttons below.