Things we Take for Granted

FDP - Working with Parents

Sharing Changes in Family Life

Family relations, parents caring for their children, cooking, a good diet, cleaning, working together and budgeting are all things we take for granted. The Family Development Program undertakes to make these things a normal way of life for families in Mongolia.

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FDP - Cooking improves quality of life

Good Cooking makes a Difference to Family Life

In August a holiday program was organized with 7 families participating and all family members taking part in the lessons to strengthen the unity and mutual help among them. They were also taught how to cook with vegetables they had planted for the first time and prepare all kinds of food with them.

Hairdressing Mums

One of the goals to make the project more effective is to train 5 mothers as hairdressers so they can find stable employment however to do this a hairdressing teacher would need to be employed.

Visible Changes

In total during summer 75 children and 30 adults attended the camps and their quality of family life has been improved and this is surely a good outcome. If you want to join us in seeking more great outcomes you can donate with the button below.