Neil Young - Founder of HADA

Neil Young – Founder of HADA

HADA is a Gift Deductible Recipient registered with the Australian Tax Office and we have the privilege of offering donors Tax Deductible receipts for donations to approved projects.

AusAid and the Australian Tax Office stipulate the types of projects that are able to receive this status. Welfare assistance, that is the running of institutions, orphanages and like activities are expressly excluded; whereas assistance that will benefit a whole community is tax-deductible. Sponsoring children to go to school without other projects in the village is not permitted. If a project includes micro-credit, clean water supply and sponsoring of children tax-deductibility is acceptable.

HADA doesn’t charge administration fees

Because almost all HADA staff are unpaid volunteers we are able to send all donated funds to the designated projects – except for bank transfer, and accounting charges. On some occasions, small amounts of funds are hand-carried to the projects when a board member is visiting them.

All HADA projects are run by people who are personally known to members of the board and applications for funding go through a filtering process before being accepted as a HADA project. All managers of projects are required to submit three monthly reports.

We value our Gift Deductible Recipient status and carefully look at all projects to see if they fit the criteria laid down by the Australian Tax Office. Some donors like to leave the distribution of their funds to the HADA board so they choose the “where-most-needed” option. This allows us to channel resources to projects in desperate situations: disasters, hunger or epidemics and this has proven of great benefit in such crises.

I trust that this explanation of Tax-Deductibility is helpful to you in understanding how our system operates. We highly value your confidence and trust in us and thank you for your donations over the past 20 years.

Thank you.
Neil Young,