P4K Education Development – Syke Street School (SLE-013)

Making Change Where It's Impossible?

Much to Aim For

This project seeks to expand the Syke Street Educational facility for the inner city children of Freetown and their families. Currently, each month an average of three children who attend the Freetown Orthodox Christian School in Syke Street, die from preventable diseases such as diarrhea, asthma, cholera, malaria, or malnutrition. Some 55% of all young girls over 13 fall pregnant and never return to school to complete their education. In the light of these facts this project aims to:

  • improve hygiene by building toilet facilities;
  • improve health care and adolescent health and abstinence by providing a medical clinic to treat and educate the school community;
  • provide a school canteen to address the issue of malnutrition.

Growth Has to Happen

Presently, some 2000 students are enrolled but when the new school wing opens attendance will double to approximately 4,000 students. Apart from aiding the students in various areas of their lives a considerable number of community members will find employment in medical, canteen, reception, hall and educational areas. All staffing will be sought locally.

Although all the phases of the project will take about 5 years to complete, within 12 months the school will be self supporting, since the Government assists by funding all staff wages. The multi-purpose Hall and Canteen will double as a “Hall for Hire” with all profits being ploughed back into the upkeep of the school facilities.

The accompanying pictures and plans testify to the seriousness of the project, and the situation of the country reinforces the urgency for it to “happen.” If you are interested to participate in helping this project forward please donate using the EziDebit button below.





  • Slogan Making Change Where It's Impossible?
  • Project Code SLE-013
  • Project Manager Louis Toumbas
  • Listing categories Education
  • Location / Region Africa
  • Person Neil Young
  • Address P.O. Box 733,
    Ashmore City,
    Qld, 4214,

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