Mustard Seed Projects – Burundi (BDI-010)


The people of Cibitoke Province, Burundi (classified as the poorest country in the world), live in constant fear because of the political upheaval in the last 18 months. Many have been displaced, have few possessions and struggle to obtain basic food needs for ONE day. Children scavenge to find food and the society is largely dysfunctional because of a lack of quality education and leadership.

In simple terms, people are dying from a lack of basic daily needs which is an open invitation to various groups to offer them food and money to join their cause.

The Project Launched


Chickens – a great source of protein for Burundi

Mustard Seed Project – Burundi  was launched on 14th June 2016 and aims to help solve the shortage of available food amongst the poorest of people in the Buganda Commune in Cibitoke Province by building a model Meat, Chicken and commercial Fish Farm Production facility. By setting up this project we want to demonstrate outcomes that are achievable by the community; individuals, families and cooperative groups according to their available resources.

Initially a model chicken growing facility has been set up and staff – 9 at the moment – are being trained to mentor the local people in the management of their own, similar mini-projects. Naturally we need to encourage the people to embrace the concept of growing chickens for meat, and we hoping to see at least 5 people or groups establish a new project each month.

Beneficiaries and Interest


MSP – Cibitoke Province, Burundi

This will benefit the community as a whole over time since meat, a primary source of protein, is in short supply as the hardy local chicken is kept primarily for egg production. The community is very enthusiastic about the interest and leadership being shown by MSP-B and are willingly looking to embrace the project and seek its guiding participation in their own ventures.

There is huge interest from the provincial government to provide support by making land available for a fully integrated commercial project which involves, Dairy, Pigs, Goats, Cropping and Biogas production. Planning will take some time and substantial funding will need to be obtained if it is to become a reality.

Project Funding

This project and any future ones will be operated by locals, albeit employed by MSP-B. Profits from the project will be sown back into expansion or additional projects and potentially, micro financing to communities or individuals. All employees are being encouraged to plan for the building of their own businesses as their knowledge, skills level and savings increase.

The total cost for the project is estimated in A$31,800.00 so if you have a heart to help the poor of Burundi take steps towards a better quality of life, then you can donate by clicking on the EziDebit button below.

Des Willmott (Project Manager)

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