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Many within Mongolian society have experienced some form of family brokenness due to divorce, domestic violence and/or alcoholism. Children from a dysfunctional family background, grow up in an insecure environment, often viewing life the same way when they enter adulthood. Very often, family brokenness is complicated with the issue of being unskilled or unemployed, making everyday living bleak and challenging.

We hope to make a difference by helping to transform the lives of such Mongolians, giving them hope for a more enriching family life.

You can be a part of these projects that aims to make their lives more meaningful.

Who do we target?

The Elio Day Care Centre is for children from disadvantaged families in UlaanGom (Uvs province – West Mongolia). Five and six year olds are being prepared to enter the Mongolian educational system to the great gratitude of their families, who have welcomed us and become actively involved in the programme. launched in 2011, the project was paused for a few years due to the health of the manager. However, under the able, new leadership of Tsegmid Delgermaa the Centre was reopened on September 21st, 2017 with government approval.

Uvs province borders on Russia in the north and is one of the coldest provinces in Mongolia. 60% of the population are Dörbet people and have a unique dialect. In 2014, there were over 20,000 households residing in the province and over 7,476 in the provincial centre, Ulaangom. Now, with out own building, we will host 32 children who pay individual tuition and 8 free of charge due to their poverty level. Currently the program is under the supervision of the local project manager, 1 cook, 2 teachers, 1 assistant teacher and a watchman.

GNS (Good Neighbours Society) has applied for a government food grant, and awaits confirmation. In our area there are no other educational facilities available for the community, which is considered poverty-stricken and uneducated by people from other districts.

Our Objectives are to:

  • advocate the necessity of pre-school education for children of poor families in the district;
  • offer a self-sustaining day-care program for the community;
  • provide job opportunities to a community dominated by high unemployment ;
  • provide kindergarten education in a district deprived of any educational facility.

“As well as using the Mongolian educational program with the children, we are also able to provide English lessons and craft activities for them, and English teaching for the local staff members as well.”

Local and Government Backing

From Sept 2017, GNS has taken the initial steps for a self-supporting structure by charging a nominal fee for the children. Staff members still need to persuade some parents to pay the tuition fees though. Even after guarantees of state support, 32 children need to pay their tuition to cover basic running costs. But re-launching the facility with some modifications, we confidently set our sights on consolidating the project for the next five year based on local financial resources.

If you would like to assist in seeing this programme open new doors of opportunity for poor children and their families then you can donate by clicking on the EziDebit button below.


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  • Slogan Softening the Transition to State School
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