Maxton Strong School Kindergarten Construction

Strength through Wisdom and Knowledge

The People We Serve

The Maxton Strong School is surrounded by a mix of cultures, the majority 90% being of Hindu background, with some Muslim, Sikh, animistic people groups and also scattered Christians. Banbassa is situated 350 kilometres East of New Delhi and is halfway between Khatima and Tanakpur in the Champawat District of Uttarakhand State, at an elevation of around 250 metres above sea level.

The Plan

The Maxton Strong School has been functioning for some 60 years and has gained a good reputation in the area. We had planned to construct a suitable building in order to have input into the lives of kindergarten-age children, however, circumstances and pondered reflection led us to abandon the plan to build from scratch and rather, modify an existing building which will be much cheaper and give the same result.

Permissions and the Renovation

All required permissions have been received from authorities so we trust to be ready to roll in November 2018 and be concluded within six months. The renovation is fairly simple and the following things need to happen:

  • Secure and transfer funding to India.
  • Hydraulically lift the current concrete roof 5ft higher.
  • Construct outer wall support columns/beams.
  • Remove inner wall and shift to the outer (to increase room footprint).
  • Construct walls & plaster (including old and new walls).
  • Fill in the floor to raise the level by 30-40cm.
  • Remove window frames from external walls.
  • Install window and door frames.
  • Install tin roof across the building & courtyard.
  • Install interlocking tiles in courtyard, pathways etc.
  • Renovate the bathroom.
  • Complete landscaping.
  • Paint the entire building.

Where we are Going

Approximately 200 students per year will be helped by this project as well as about 10 locals who will be employed as a result. The Maxton Strong School aims to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for each child so that they will be adequately prepared to cope with their life in school, and once they have graduated, in society. Since its inception, the Maxton Strong School has been trying to offer such an atmosphere and opportunities in which all the latent faculties of the child can be developed to make them a complete human being, harmonious and responsible. The School curriculum grows out of the teachers striving to understand the child, how their capabilities unfold and how their experience of the world and their way of dealing with it changes at each stage of their life.  For more about us, check out our website.

The Final Goal

A major facet of the vision for this project is to see income generated from the monthly student fees so that the project can become self-supporting as quickly as possible. Your generous help can make this vision become a reality for the needy community of Banbassa. To donate just click on the EziDebit button below.


Manager 1

Meet the Manager

Clifton Shipway

Clifton Shipway

Clifton is the grandson of Rev. Maxton D. Strong the founder of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission orphanage in North India. In 2004 at 19 years of age he moved from Australia to India with his parents to continue on his grandfather’s work.

A Challenging Task

Today he is working as the Deputy Director of the orphanage and the Chairman of the Maxton Strong School (the orphanage’s school). He is married to Priscilla, a former child of the mission, and together they have 3 sons.

Over the past 10 years, Clifton has overseen the construction of the orphanages new school through the support of HADA. As the school now turns its focus from the construction of just one building to the implementation of an entire campus it will be Clifton’s job to monitor the progress and manage the new facility.



Manager 2

Warwick ‘Rick’ Shipway (Director)


Rick Shipway – Co-Manager

Warwick, or as he is known to most, ‘Rick’, first came to India in 1976 as North Indian Director of an aid organization called For Those Who Have Less. At the time, he was delivering an airplane containing one hundred and ninety-eight purebred Australian dairy cows to be used in a cross-breeding program to benefit the poor. Mother Theresa personally assisted Rick in his work and, in turn, Rick donated cows to her children’s home in Dumdum, Calcutta. He also brought twenty-five cows to The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission (GSAM) in Banbasa, a trip that changed his life forever.

Shortly after his arrival, Rick saw a need at the mission for someone with his agricultural training and experience. And so for the next ten years, he worked as the Workshop Superintendent, teaching the orphan children about mechanics and mechanized agriculture. During this time, he married Maxine Strong, daughter of the founder of The GSAM, Rev. Maxton D. Strong. Rick and Maxine eventually fostered seven orphan children before having three children of their own.

After encountering Visa difficulties in 1986, Rick moved his family back to Australia where he ran a farm for a college in Tasmania—but the Mission was never far from his thoughts. In 2004, following the death of Rev. Strong, Rick along with his wife Maxine and son Clifton returned to India to continue the mission’s work. So committed was Rick to this project, he sold his house, cars, and business in Australia and donated all that he had to the organization. Today, he continues to be a non-stop force for good around the compound, active in all aspects of mission life, leading by example and working harder than most volunteers half his age.

He became a member of our orphanage Board of Directors in 2004 and is a key person in the growth and development of the project.




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