Library Aid International (AFR-011)

Providing Books to Needy Schools in Developing Countries to Improve Educational Outcomes and Life Opportunities

A Need To Be Met

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Books on the Move

Library Aid International was established in 2006 in response to its founder, Linda Abblitt’s work with South African Schools.

“I was travelling from school to school, helping to build up resources. Many would say they have a ‘library’ but it was no more than a single shelf of books for more than 400 students!”.

The project aims to improve educational outcomes and life opportunities by providing second-hand books and teacher resources for library development in needy schools in developing countries.

A book for every “taste”

Many different types of books are sent including non-fiction & fiction, reference and textbooks as well as story books. These books are all highly valued by their recipients, and to evidence the excitement, jubilation and joy from children and teachers alike is an emotional experience.

The benefits they are providing are numerous:  they assist to build English literacy and language skills, broaden the student’s knowledge, open up a world of new ideas and possibilities; and even, as those of us who love to read know, provide an entertaining respite from everyday life.

It’s quite a process

Getting books together, cleaned up, boxed and ready for sending in a container is quite a job. Here’s a quick summary of the activities involved in getting the job done:

Source and collect books and teaching resources from donations and culled books from school and public libraries;

  • Scrutinize books for cultural suitability and sort according to education level;
  • Repair slightly damaged books;
  • Repack books into cartons ready for shipping;
  • Load the cartons into a shipping container;
  • Ship each container;
  • Delivery of cartons of books to appropriately assessed schools.
  • Raising of funds through fundraisers, supporters, talks to service clubs and community groups and media;
  • Liaison with the overseas NGO involved in receipt, custom’s clearance and distribution of the container of books and educational materials.

The power of Volunteering

The group’s hard work is done entirely on a voluntary basis, with support also from local schools and community groups.

While all the books and resources are donated, there is still considerable cost involved in actually getting the books to their destinations in shipping containers.  Please consider what you can contribute towards this valuable benefit children in various people groups and societies by clicking on a donate link below.

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  • Slogan Providing Books to Needy Schools in Developing Countries to Improve Educational Outcomes and Life Opportunities
  • Project Code AFR-011
  • Project Manager Peter Cunningham
  • Listing categories Education
  • Location / Region Africa
  • Address PO Box 733
    Ashmore City - 4214

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