Grace Care Child Programme (UGA-020)

Advantage for the Orphaned and Disadvantaged

A Quick Panorama

School Break Time

School Break Time

Grace Care Child Program cares holistically for the educational, spiritual and basic material needs of the children in the program. The current project, located in the southern suburbs of Kampala, educates 100 children and provides breakfast and lunch for them every day of the week. Orphans and abandoned children are fostered with local families, while some of the orphans live with relatives (guardians).

Empathy with the Poor

Pastor Kamuli himself was only able to attend secondary school due to sponsorship by a relative, so he is very conscious of the benefits of providing a free education to those children who would otherwise miss out. The school is at present housed in temporary classrooms on the church property. There is an urgent need to provide both permanent facilities for the present school population, and to expand the facility to enable more children to be helped off the streets and out of extreme poverty in the villages.

Currently the school operates classes at pre-primary (infants) and up to year three of primary level, and the plan is to

Grace Care - Emmanuel Kamuli

Grace Care – Emmanuel Kamuli

extend this to a full primary school on the current site, plus a secondary school on a 4 acre plot of land owned by the church, located in the nearby rural area of Nakawuka.

Plans under way

The current Grace Care primary school classroom block, under construction till recently, is now completed and being used. The plan is to build a residential home as well as a permanent school at Nakawuka, in time to take the children as they graduate from the primary school. These facilities would have the capacity to support up to 180 children at the current site plus 180 children at Nakawuka. The residential home is needed as there are insufficient families with adequate housing and incomes to foster all the children needing accommodation.

We appreciate the benefits of education so let’s cooperate by sharing with those who have little opportunity to study.

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Other Information

How the Ugandan school system operates:

  • Two years of infant school (usually ages 4 to 6);
  • Five years of primary school with the ages of students in each class varying widely, as class level is decided by educational attainment;
  • Four years of high school plus two years of vocational training or higher education leading to university entrance.

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  • Slogan Advantage for the Orphaned and Disadvantaged
  • Project Code UGA-020
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