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Hope for Vulnerable Children and Families

Millenial Story

BoH Rice aid changes

A Typical Family

Cambodia’s millennial-old past is replete with outstanding people; from the ambitious 12th century kings with their grandiose building projects to the modest rice farmers who have formed the backbone of society for centuries.

This nation has known what it’s like to have control over entire regions of the earth and to raise up structures that maintain their magnificence to this day. However, they have also experienced the humiliation of almost total obliteration at the hands of conquerors and tyrants.

A Resilient People

The gentle but rock-solid Khmer people comprise the ethnic majority of Cambodia. The past century was one of tumultuous change, going from a French Protectorate to Independence, followed by the violence and horrors of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

Partnering together with the international community, Cambodians are slowly and steadily rebuilding their society.

People Crossing the Bridge of Hope

Children for Sale

Is there Hope for me?

Stories keep coming of children’s lives being turned around as our Bridge of Hope team educates parents on the importance of education for their children, and equips them with skills to support their families without sending their children to work (on the street) or worse, selling them into slavery. Child labour, not common here in Australia, is widely practised in countries like Cambodia which is plagued by extreme poverty and the need to get money somehow.

Talk is cheap, raising a family isn’t…

Change, however, can require more than a new perspective. With families trying to survive on just US$1.00 per day, and a child’s education being costly, what choice do parents have but to take their children out of school and make them work? With squalid living conditions and no money for medical care many parents suffer chronic illness and are unable to work themselves. So begins the self-perpetuating cycle of poverty where a child misses out on education to support his family, and then because he is uneducated is unable to properly support his own children, and the cycle of extreme poverty goes on…

Education – A Doorway to Change

Exploitation of Children

Exploitation of Children

It is only through achieving education, vocational training and life skills for these children that we will begin to see this cycle broken on a generational level. To this end, and for those most in need Bridge of Hope has established a family sponsorship programme, which provides:

  • informal schooling for at-risk children, who through lack of life skills are not yet able to attend government school.
  • school fees and catch-up lessons for those children that are successfully integrated into the government school.
  • school supplies, schoolbags and a bicycle (if children need to make a trek to come to school) as well as two school uniforms for each pupil twice a year.
  • two nutritious meals per day at our school and rice for the families in need
  • access to medical care for the whole family, plus dental care for the children
  • visits to each family by a social worker, on a consistent basis
  • monthly parenting meetings held by our social workers to train the caregivers in parenting and life skills
  • opportunity for every caregiver to join a financial savings group, with a view to opening or improving a small business.

The Power of a Pittance

Only US$90.00 per month will do all this for a needy child and their family. For those donors who are unable to give the full amount other alternatives are:

  • Be part of a group of three, each giving US$30.00
  • Form a sponsorship group with a few friends, workmates or church members.

Every four months each sponsor will receive an updates of their “adopted” family with stories of progress, photos of the family and the children’s craft work, and challenges the family may be facing.

Remember, unlike some sponsorship programmes, 100% of all HADA donations (less bank fees and accounting charges) goes direct to the project itself, so you can be sure that every possible cent of your money is being put to use to change the lives of these precious children, their families, and their community.

Interested in becoming a “Bridge of Hope?”

If you are interested in sponsoring a family write to <> for all necessary information or make a “general” donation by using the EziDebit icon below.

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