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Strengthening Families to Strengthen Society

Broken Families and Broken Children

Mongolian Family of 6 kids

Mongolian Family of Eight

Many within Mongolian society have experienced some form of family brokenness due to divorce, domestic violence and/or alcoholism. Children from a dysfunctional family background, grow up in an insecure environment, often viewing life the same way when they enter adulthood. Very often, family brokenness is complicated with the issue of being unskilled or unemployed, making everyday living bleak and challenging.

We hope to make a difference by helping to transform the lives of such Mongolians, giving them hope for a more enriching family life.

You can be a part of these projects that aims to make their lives more meaningful.

Families in Focus

With a program developed by psychologists in Germany, we work with a group of seven or eight selected families, each of an average size of about six over a six-month cycle. The first intake exited the program in December 2012 and the second intake commenced meeting in March 2013.

Participants for the program are selected with assistance from the staff of the local District Governor. Program trainers show parents how they can relate and communicate well with their children, and their wider community – their neighbors and society as a whole. The families come together as a family unit and do activities together, eat together, and have separate teaching times before coming back together at the end of the session.

Through the program, we also hope to model good parental values and provide various health and nutritional talks. During the six-month cycle, we encourage and model family togetherness and the joys and benefits arising from it.

The structure of the weekly program is:

  • Segment 1: Strength in Togetherness
  • Segment 2: Communication
  • Segment 3: Eating together — families take turns to prepare meals
  • Segment 4: Playing games with Children (especially helpful for those with self-esteem issues)
  • Segment 5: Having fun with Neighbors (strength in togetherness as a community)
  • Segment 6: Interactive Games for Children

Each segment per session is about 15 minutes.

From the seventh to 12th months, following the completion of the six-month program cycle, families would meet and share their experiences, reinforcing the values they had acquired.

Desire for Transformation

The District Governor of 16th Khoroo of Chingeltei District in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, has expressed his eagerness

The Family Ger

The Family Ger

to see Mongolian families transformed into healthy, emotionally sound families. He is pleased with the introduction of this project at our community center in Hailaast.

Through this program, we hope to encourage family togetherness, and positive family and community values. In order for us to continually operate this program at the community center, we need a regular flow of contributions towards the project to cover the cost of the project and the ongoing running costs of operating the community center.

How You Can Help

The Family Development Program welcomes contributions from individuals and organizations that would like to partner with us to make a real difference in this community. Regular needs for the Family Development Program include:

  • Cost of teaching materials
  • Food Costs
  • Admin Costs

Thank you for consider joining us in this adventure. Let’s see Mongolian families grow together and provide their children with positive values for a decent future.

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